Weight Watchers Reviews, Weight Watchers Warning!

Dear Soon To Be Thinner, Healthier Colleague,


If you are looking to lose weight fast, you've probably tried popular diets like the Weight Watchers, maybe a variation of the Atkins Diet, tested out the Cookie Diet or chugged down a bunch of shakes on the Slim Fast Diet. I know I've tried them all, at least.

I tried the Sugar Busters Diet and the South Beach Diet.

I went on the Zone diet and took the Weight Watchers Program.

I tried Dr Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution.

I lost weight and gained weight back on the Atkins Diet (is this sounding familiar to you?)

I even went on the Grapefruit diet - which is nowhere near as bad as it sounds.

But like you, I didn't find an approach to losing weight that worked with ANY of those programs.

It's not that these diets don't work - they all have their good points and they all have supporters who will swear by them. It's just that none of these programs worked for me.

If you're feeling guilty because you've tried diet programs and failed to keep off that weight I can tell you with complete confidence that it's not your fault.

It's not an easy task. Pills, weird shakes and small portions, coupled with a lot of media antics. That's what we often find, and Weight Watchers is no different.

Have you ever tried to eat based on a daily point system? And what happens if you've used all your points up for that day? Do you just starve until the next day? Fail!

Here's what you get with Weight Watchers point system:

High fiber food = more points

Points are based on your weight

It's expensive, expensive, expensive

One Weight Watcher's point system participant said they were hungry all the time. Do you have time in your day to take on a second job? Well, that's what its like. You'll be weighing food, measuring food, scrambling to keep track of what you're eating and after all of that, not feeling satisfied.

Who wants that? In theory, the low-fat idea sounds good, but everything is not what it seems to be. In a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association, participants were only losing on average 6 pounds during a 2 year period. Does that sound like it's worth the money to you?

Ultimately, it's your decision, but hey, if you were my friend, I'd talk you straight out of it and tell you to watch this video instead. It's a proven method for you to lose 10% of your body weight each and every month….with no points.

At first, I wondered if I should even share this useful information with you, but what are friends for?

No, it's not my product—I stopped marketing my product after watching this because, well, it was better.

No blah-blah food, no 30 minute exercise-till-you die program, no waiting until midnight to start using up the next day's points. And, it's safe!

Weight Watchers' point system consists of a low-fat diet, going to meetings with other people who have chucked their money out to Weight Watchers as well as leading a second life….point counting. Seriously?

So, after chucking my own weight loss idea into the trash after watching this video (hey their idea was better than mine), I have opened my eyes and seen the Promised Land….weight loss!

I mean 30,000 people can't be wrong, can they? All you have to do is watch the video; it explains everything you need to finally accomplish the weight loss that you've been dreaming about. No more pills, no more starving, no more rabbit food.

Sounds easy doesn't it? At first, I thought it was just another hyped up marketing scam, like Weight Watchers, but I was wrong. Okay, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you need to change your eating habits, but do you have to suffer through that process?

It's all about combining the right foods together to get the results you want. No bull. It can be done, and believe me, I've been in this business for years and have never seen anything else quite like this. But don't take my word for it; see for yourself!

If you're reading this far, then I know how serious you are about losing weight. Congratulations! That was the first step! Now the rest comes easy…no, seriously. If you know anybody that tried crash dieting, starving themselves, taking pills and so on, then you know how tiring and depressing it can be…with no desired results.

Well, look no further! There is a way to lose weight, moderately each month; up to 10% of your body weight. How does that sound? Losing weight shouldn't be a chore, it should be natural and even enjoyable. I found that out after watching this cool video (I'll show you later) that gave me renewed faith in losing weight.

Hey, I know what you're thinking. If you've heard one, you've heard them all; but, this is different. I actually work in the weight loss field, had my own “great” idea and traded it in for this one. Imagine that, stopping my own weight loss plan to promote another one! That's because it works.

Unlike Weight Watchers, you won't be carrying a little book around with you counting all your points up, you won't be adding Weight Watchers meetings to your already hectic schedule and you certainly won't be eating “yucky” food.

This video tells you everything you need and want to know. It helps you understand how your metabolism works and how to connect the right foods together in order to lose the weight you want to lose.

You'll learn how your body burns energy and stores fat. And, you'll learn how to bring it all together to make this thing called weight loss work. Don't you owe it to yourself to at least watch it? I mean, it's not like you'll lose any Weight Watchers points for it.

Okay, I know it sounds a little humorous, but it's true! One of my relatives was doing the Weight Watchers point system diet and let me tell you, they were not happy! They said all they did was count, eat a little, count, research foods, count,…well, you get the idea.

No one wants to be chained to something when they're trying to diet. It can be cumbersome to try to remember what you ate all day; or waiting to eat until you had a chance to review your points. Sound like fun or like a computer program?

Being the smart person that I think I am, came up with my own weight loss plan (I'm in the industry) only to find out that my own idea didn't cut the mustard. There was another way other there among all the diet clutter, which actually worked. I watched the video for it and I was hooked. So much so, that I am need to share this great secret with you. (Well, it's not really a secret).

So, yes, this video is not mine, it's a competitor of mine; one that probably saved me and others from a lifestyle of being hitched to points. No scams, no pills and no eating unsatisfying food. But, most importantly, no hunger.

That alone, would have me interested. I know you're curious too. How many people out there can provide you with a way to lose weight just by putting the right foods together? I mean, is it really that simple? Yes, it is!

So stop worrying why you can eat a doughnut and gain 50 pounds while your friend loses weight and stop blaming it on medical conditions….this method is very “un-diet” like. How refreshing! Want to know more? Just watch the video!




Prefer-to-be Anonymous Weight Loss "Expert" (I felt so stupid after watching the above video).